20 X Rays That Are Shockingly Real!

5) He could DIE, but he didn’t:

Image Source: realidadesimulada.com

It is said that this boy cheated death. He was stabbed in his head with a five inch knife! This 16 year old boy was fighting with a thief in order to protect his friend from being robbed. He survived so you can breathe in some air now!

4) He is all BOTTLED Up:

Image Source: galaxant.com


This was probably a prisoner. He denied having a bottle, until the doctors showed him this X-ray. He admitted the same after seeing the X-ray. We have nothing more to say about this.

3) He Hid a Cellphone in his Backside:

Image Source: www.unbelievableinfo.com

Just like a lot of other prisoners, this 58 year old prisoner in Sri Lanka shoved the cell phone up in his butt to hide it. Looks like he wanted to “stay in touch” with his buddies, despite being caught!

2) She Swallowed her Engagement RING!

Image Source: galaxant.com

How are you planning to propose your girl? We suggest you don’t do it like they show it in the movies. This boyfriend slipped the engagement ring into her girlfriend’s glass of milkshake. Here is what happened after that. Need we really say anything more about this?

1) He was Stabbed with the CHAIR:

Image Source: galaxant.com

This X-ray may disturb you for a while, but here is why you should never get into a chair fight. During a bar brawl, Shafique el Fahkri was hit by a 20 year old Liam Peart, who hit him with the chair. The leg of the chair broke and pierced the eye of the man, going down through his neck.

Please don’t curse us if the above images disturb you for a while. Our intention is to make you aware of things that have happened with people around the globe. May god forbid, if something major happens with you, remember that there are a lot of hopes of survival and you can make it too, just like a lot of other people. All we want to say is that there is still hope, come what may!

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