10 Mind Boggling Ancient Technologies that Prove our Ancestors were Much Ahead of Time!

If you are living in an imaginary world of being all smug about the internet advancements and robotic developments the humans have made in the present era, you have no idea about what our ancestors have done in the past. We may have read about them in books or gotten an idea through the movies and TV shows or web series we watch, but what we don’t know is that they were much more advanced than we thought they were. The ancient times may not have had a lot of population, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have genuine brains.


Several discoveries were made in the past about several things the ancients invented, designed and created, but they don’t stop surprising us. The more we discover about the things they invented, the more shocked we are at present because they did not even have all the advancements we have in today’s world. From special refrigerators that kept the ice cool in the hottest summers in deserts to gorgeous cups that had properties to change colors, there is nothing that is not going to surprise you here.

Check the list below to learn about the top ten ancient technologies that are going to make you scratch your head: 

1) Have you ever heard of storing ice in the desert? The Persian engineers had not only developed, but also mastered the ice storing technique during summers by 400 BC:

Image Credit: Ggia via Wikipedia

Are you all smug about the refrigerators in your kitchens? Do you even know how the Persian people stored ice and ensured that it doesn’t melt all throughout their harsh summers? During winters, the Persian people carried ice from the nearby mountains. They then stored them in pits they had created in the desert. These pits were called “Yakhchal” and were the first inventions in the field of refrigerators. They not only kept ice in these pits, but also food, which remained cool and healthy all throughout the summers. The structure may look like a large dome constructed with mud bricks, but it was not as easy as it seems, especially during those times.

The underground space of this 500 cubic meter pit had windcatchers that kept the temperature low during summers.(12)

2) This hand operated machine, popularly known as the ‘Archimedes Screw’ has been designed in such a way that it can move up the water with the help of gravity. If it is reversed, it generates energy by pushing the water down:

Archimedes Screw. Image Credit: Amanjosan2008 via Wikipedia

Earlier, this screw was used for the purpose of irrigation. This machine was nothing more or less than a screw with a hollow pipe inside. Earlier, during the ancient times when it was used, it was operated by hand. After a few years, the wind energy was used to operate the same. Even today the same technology exists. However, it is now operated with a motor. Just when the shaft turns due to the motor, the end of the device gets up, scooping the motor. Then, the same water is pushed to the screw top through the rotating helcoid (a spiral arrangement). This process continues until the water comes out from the end of the top.(source)


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