10 Mind Boggling Ancient Technologies that Prove our Ancestors were Much Ahead of Time!

3) This ancient masonry technology developed in Mexico lets you build vaults as well as root-type domes by using their trowel; you need no formworks or ceiling mounts for this:

Ever heard of the Tequisquiapan town? It is situated in the Queretaro Arteaga state, which is one of the 32 federal entities of Mexico. There is a group of masons called Bovederos who are blessed with a superpower. They can build vaults as well as roofs of domes with the help of trowels, which are nothing but small tools that are used for digging or applying concrete material to bricks. You may think that it is quite an easy thing to do when you watch the video; however, it is untrue. There is a special technique that they use and only they know how to make use of this tool in a proper way. Others who have tried getting into this have not been able to achieve what these masons have. Their work is highly impressive as you keep looking at the finishing of their remarkable movements and technique.(source)

4) The old Egyptians had created the ramp to simplify and support their construction process:

Ancient Egyptian ramp. Image Credit: Nano Science

There are a lot of people who are obsessed with Egypt and its culture, along with its history. However, there are still several facts that are unknown about this place, out of which we are just about to share with you right now. Egyptians have always been appreciated for their amazing architectural structures like pyramids. Even though they didn’t have proper tools to check the measurements of their architecture, they did their part really well. It has been seen that the ancient Egyptians invented ramps to carry all the heavy materials they needed to complete the structure in their mind. Since ramps are easy for people to carry heavy materials, it could not have been possible to create structures like they have done without proper ramps to lift and carry the materials. They didn’t have to raise the materials vertically; this seemed impossible during those times, especially when you look at their constructions.(source)

5) Did you know about a 2000 year old computer? Yes – ‘Antikythera Mechanism’ is the oldest form of computer created by Greeks; it was mainly used to know the planetary position, along with the position of stars in the sky based on the monthly calendar:

Antikythera mechanism. Image Credit: Flickr

A hundred and sixteen years ago, divers found something across a shipwreck that took place off the coast of a Greek island. When they inspected the site, they discovered something odd. It was a bronze item. They had no idea that this tiny discovery was going to be a big achievement to understand the history of our race. The structure had several series of gears that were made of brass. There were dials mounted on something that resembled a mantel clock. Two dozen gears were laid on top of each other. The calibration was perfect! Later, the archaeologists discovered that it was some sort of an analog clock of the earlier times, or maybe a calculating device. In the year 1959, Derek J. Solla Price revealed that the device was surely used to learn about the exact location of stars and planets in the Universe. He said that the mechanism is an awesome astronomical clock or, in today’s words, an analog computer.(source)

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