10 Mind Boggling Ancient Technologies that Prove our Ancestors were Much Ahead of Time!

6) Check this 1600 year old Roman chalice called ‘The Lycurgus Cup’; this proves that the artisans in Rome had mastered nanotechnology way before us; they knew how to impregnate the glass with tiny silver and gold particles that were as little as only 50 nanometers in diameter:

Lycurgus Cup. Image Credit: Wikipedia, Flickr

The Romans may have been known for their Gods, Goddesses and deities, along with their mysteries, but there is something more they have always been popular for – the red-green cup! The most wonderful thing about this cup is that it appears red when lit from behind! And you thought we were the first ones to have created those cups that show your pictures when you pour warm water or beverage in it? Think again! Even though their materials to create this were different, you do get the same feeling. According to the scientists, the Romans may have been the very first ones to accidentally discover the colorful potential of nanoparticles.Later, they perfected it. The Lycurgus cup confused the scientists for a long period of time when the cup was brought to the British Museum during 1950s. Until 1990, the thing seemed mysterious. Then, when the broken fragments of the cup were studied under the microscope, it was noticed that the glass had silver and gold particles together that were grinded to be as tiny as 50 nanometers in diameter. This is lesser than 1/1000th size of a salt grain (12)

7) Ever heard of Heron of Alexandria? He was the first to create a robot that entertained the theatre audience! This beauty could move all on its; not only that, it could also change directions! He was the one who invented the vending machine, windwheel and syringe, along with other geniuses like him:

If you have no idea about the “Tony Stark”, The Iron Man, of the ancient times, you have got to know about Hero of Alexandria. His creations were fascinating not only for the people during his time, but for people in our era as well. One of his creations is this organ that operated with the help of a windwheel. Due to its several mechanical devices, it has been titled to be the World’s First Robot! It could not only play by itself for around 10 minutes, but also change directions on its own. Watch the video to know more!(source)

8) Stand here in the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum constructed by workers of Malta and Gozo; it has acoustic properties that amplify voices with the help of specific frequencies that resonate so powerfully that you literally feel them passing through your body:

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. Image Credit: Richard Ellis via 

How much are you in love with acoustic voices? Here’s bringing something that is going to force you to visit the Malta Island. Amidst all the corridors as well as chambers, there is an extra-special chamber that has been created with solid limestone. The moment you stand in this chamber and talk, or even sing, there is something that makes your entire body vibrate! Such chambers were created for the oracles to have deep impacts and impressions on people when they spoke through the chamber, according to the author of Malta and its Recently Discovered Prehistoric Temples.(source)

9) If you think the concrete in the present times is better, you have got to check this 2000 year old Roman concrete, which is not only stronger and better, but also durable and environmental friendly:

Ancient Roman concrete vault in Rome. Image Credit: Michael Wilson via Wikipedia

Does architectures of today’s era fascinate you? If yes, then you have not heard or seen the concrete used by the ancient Romans. We are here to tell you about the same. If you want to know about the durability of the ancient Roman concrete structures, you must know that their cement is all that makes them so strong. Look at the cement structures we make today; few years later, they start giving out. On the other hand, even if the harbor structures are washed away by the sea waves, nothing happens to them.

Ancient Roman concrete vault in Rome. Image Credit: Michael Wilson via Wikipedia

Their cement shows some astonishing long-lasting properties. It is a mixture of silica sand, clay, chalk, limestone and other such ingredients that were melted together at crazy temperatures.(source)

10) This is Damascus Steel that was used to make blades (and is still used because of their toughness); they have the ability to pass through a rifle barrel and also the hair that falls across the blade; it is known for its ‘resistance to shattering’ property:

Damascus steel hunting knife. Image Credit: Rich Bowen via Flickr

Check out this insane Damascus steel, which is said to be a legendary material! It has been used by warriors in the past. Let us not forget mentioning the Crusaders here. Despite being in various battles, the swords made from this material ensured to keep their edges sharp enough to cut through a falling hair. They could be recognized as their blades had watery patterns known as “Damask.” The good thing about us is that we have decoded this ancient technology and recreated it.

A set of Carter Cutlery Damascus Bowie style knives. Image Credit: Murray Carter via Wikipedia

If you ever meet an alien from another planet and he happens to ask you about the ancient times of Earth, make sure you tell him about all the beautiful things mentioned above. Jokes apart – these things make us really proud because we have evolved so much, thanks to our ancients. If today we have a refrigerator at home, an air conditioner at our workplace, a computer to feel entertained and other such technological advancements, it is only because a part of them was somewhere discovered in the past. Our ancients made our work easier!(source)

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