12 Things that Prove Common Knowledge is NOT THAT Common Anymore!

It is rightly said that common sense is not that common in this world; similarly, there are a lot of things that are quite common to understand, but due to lack of knowledge or confirmation about the same, we have absolutely no idea about it. Just because the others are doing something, we keep doing the same, too. At times, we may have a gut feeling that what we know may not be right, but we still believe in the things that the rest of the crowd does.


Here is the common knowledge that is not so common between us:

1) We should never keep goldfish in goldfish bowls:

source: pixabay

Goldfish is perhaps the most commonly found fish-pets around the globe. There are special gold fish bowls that you get in the market; however, the ugly truth is that these pretty fish should not be kept in such bowls. No doubt they have a longer life and the power to change their colors all throughout their lives,they should not be kept in the gold fish bowls. The tank does not have enough room for filtration. Also, since goldfish need a lot of oxygen and in tiny bowls the surface does not allow them to get the required amount, they don’t survive for more than three months. People find it difficult to clean tiny bowls and thus, the environment in which the goldfish live is not clean and good or the way it should be. (source)

2. If you want Aspirin to save your life when you get a heart attack, you have to chew it:

source: pixabay

Aspirin can help in fighting the symptoms of a heart attack and everybody knows about this; however, what people don’t know is that they need to chew aspirin, instead of gulping it down with water. When aspirin is chewed, it starts working quicker. If you swallow the pills, they take a longer time to start working in your body and thus, in a lot of cases, people lose their life. (source)

3. It is not that water towers are used only to store water, but they are used to maintain the pressure and flow of the entire clean drinking water:

Water towers are available in various shapes as well as sizes. You may think that these beauties are kept to store clean water for various purposes; no doubt this is quite a popular reason for the installation of water towers, but this is not the only reason why you see them everywhere. The good news is that several water towers are installed for the sake of maintaining the pressure as they need a huge amount of gravity pull in taller builders. Without such towers, small cities have to bear a huge amount of price to maintain expensive pumps. (source)

4-The Polaroid picture should not be shaken:

A lot of people have been shaking Polaroid pictures for the sake of developing them quicker; however, what they don’t know is that this is not supposed to be done. There is absolutely no effect that takes place when you shake such a picture. In fact, shaking can damage the image to a certain extent, since several portions pre-mature and thus, you notice some sort of blobs in the picture. The result is not what you expect it to be. (source)

Image : Megan te Boekhorst


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