12 Things that Prove Common Knowledge is NOT THAT Common Anymore!

9- The drowning that you see doesn’t look like that for real:


When Mario Vittone, the maritime risk consultant, was contacted, he talked about some of the signs of drowning and they are nothing like what they seem in movies. Here is the list:

a. The water level is till the mouth when the head is low in the water.
b. When the head is tilted back, the mouth gets opened.
c. The eyes become glassy and totally empty, since you are unable to focus.
d. The eyes automatically get closed.
e. The hair comes in front of the forehead, or even covers the eyes.
f. You go vertical when you don’t use the legs.
g. You gasp and feel hyperventilating.
h. You try swimming, but don’t make it the headway.
i. You try rolling on your back.
j. It feels like you are climbing an invisible ladder. (source)

10-We all have abs; we just need to take off the layer of fats from the same:


If you think you need to keep doing crunches to get the abs that others have and you don’t, yet, you should know that you have already gotten the abs. It is just that you need to work on kicking off the fats from your abs so that the gaps are properly visible. This can be done with the correct diet and the right kind of exercising. (source)

11-Both the genders show different stroke symptoms: 


Some of the most common stroke symptoms in women are:

• Weakness
• Confusion and non-responsiveness, even when asked several times
• Unconsciousness or total loss of control on body and fainting
• Irritation
• Pain
• Seizures
• Hallucination
• Sudden change in the behavior
• Shortness of breath

Now let us take a look at the symptoms of stroke in men:
• Sudden headache with absolutely no cause or reason
• Sudden trouble in talking or understanding something
• Sudden confusion
• Sudden numbness of face
• Sudden trouble in seeing in one or both the eyes
• Sudden numbness of leg or arm or one side of the body (source)

12-There is more greenery in Iceland than it is in Greenland:


And you thought you should go to Iceland to experience winters and Greenland to enjoy greenery? What if we tell you the truth about both these locations? It is proven that Iceland has a lot of greenery, in fact far more greenery than Greenland does and thus, you should not go on the names of both of these locations. When the Vikings arrived first in Greenland, they landed on lush green land, which was quite warm in the earlier days. Now, there is always more ice in Greenland. Since the Viking who explored Iceland landed on a mountain full of ice, he named the location the same. (source)

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