9 IQ Test Questions and Riddles that are Going to Make your Child Scratch his HEAD!

You may have read hundreds or thousands of riddles in the past, but the ones mentioned in the list below are going to make you scratch your head, along with your child. It is time for you to get glued to the computer or cellphone screen and start solving four of the toughest riddles that can trick the brain of not only children, but also adults around the globe.


Question 1)

What stays hot even if you refrigerate it?

Answer: The thing that burns your tongue, even though it is cold! The answer is pepper! Freeze it as much as you want to, but it stays as hot as it needs to be!

Question 2)

Which statement out of the two mentioned below is correct? 9 and 5 are thirteen? 9 and 5 are 13?

Answer: It is neither the first statement, nor the second! 9 + 5 is actually 14 and that’s the correct answer. Tricked enough? Well, the next one is tougher!

Question 3)

What would you call a bear without an ear?

Answer: Take the EAR away and it would be a “B”! Yes – that’s the right answer. “B” is the bear without the ear.

Question 4)

Imagine a drawer full of socks. There are four black socks, eight brown socks, two white socks and eight tan socks in this drawer. There is no light in the room and you are supposed to make the choice in a room that’s dark! How many socks do you need to take out to make a perfect match?

Answer: Since there are four differently colored socks, you have to take out only 5 socks to make at least one perfect pair!


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