9 IQ Test Questions and Riddles that are Going to Make your Child Scratch his HEAD!

Question 5)

The more you take away from this thing, it only gets bigger. Do you know what is it?

ANSWER: The answer is a hole. You take dirt from it and it becomes bigger.

Question 6)

Can you think of any word that would still sound the same even if you removed the first, middle, or last letter from the word?

ANSWER: EMPTY! If you take away the first, middle and the last letter it still sounds the same, “MT”.

Question 7)

Can you think of a word that is only seven letters long, but its letters can be rearranged so it could give at least 10 other words?

ANSWER: Therein! This word can be rearranged so it gives seven other words like HEREIN, THERE, HERE, ERE, REIN, THE, IN, etc.

Question 8)

In which place are you the most silent? A church or a building?

ANSWER: You think that the answer is “Church”? Nope, it is actually building! This is because the “U” (you) is silent in the word building.

Question 9)

Imagine that you are in a room without doors and windows. All that you have is a table and a mirror. How will you escape?

ANSWER: You need a little bit of imagination for this one. You look in the mirror and see what you SAW. You then take the SAW and cut the table in half. Two of those halves make a WHOLE. So you put the HOLE on the wall and climb out. Simple as that!

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