20 X Rays That Are Shockingly Real!

If there is a serious medical injury that needs immediate medical attention and assistance, X-rays are what help the most. While most of the times these little things can resolve major medical issues, there are a few incidents that have shocked the doctors and let them speechless. We bring 20 such X-rays to you that are going to make you stare at them. You may think these are fake, at least some of them, but the truth is that these X-rays are for real:


20) That’s NOT ‘POKE’Mon in his face:

This 39 year old Brazilian Taxi driver named JuaceloNunes de Oliveira as stabbed right in his skull during a strange bar brawl. If this knife blade ran a centimeter more to his jawbone, he would have not only lost his eyesight, but also his sense of smell. Since he was very high on adrenaline and liquor, he did not feel the knife when he was stabbed. Several surgeons had to come together to have this blade removed; it took them three hours to perform this surgery in the right manner.

Image Source: www.imgix.net

19) They BROKE Up:

The most difficult thing in anyone’s life is a breakup, but this breakup was very essential. Separating Siamese twins is not a piece of cake and there are several complications that need to be taken care of. Yet, these Siamese twins called Allison and Amelia Tucker were separated by surgeons. The nature had knit their lower chest and abdomen together, letting them share a pericardium and liver. After seven hours of surgery on 7th of November 2012, these two girls were saved. They are currently leading a very healthy life.

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

18) Born with Six Fingers:

No doubt a lot of people are born with an extra finger, which is a condition termed as postaxial polydactyl, but it is not every day you get to see their X-rays. 1 individual in 1,339 is born with this condition. Some individuals have a nub, but there are others who have fully developed fingers, too. Artist Jimmy Cliff was born with six fingers and the extra one developed properly, too. Take a look at this X-ray!

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

17) She Thought It Tasted Good; She Swallowed THESE:

Indiana’s Haley Lent swallowed 30 different foreign objects when she was eight years old. These objects were 20 steel balls and 10 magnets. These were in her Magnetix toy sets. Since they were magnetic in nature, they started sticking to each other, tearing apart her intestines and making her rush for an immediate surgery.

Image Source: www.yimg.com

16) Hands that were CRUSHED:

This X-ray is kind of disturbing, but it was taken to find out if any finger could be saved with the help of a surgery. This is of a soldier’s hands; he was hit by an RPG shell in a battle. According to the reports, his hands were somehow saved, but he could barely move his fingers or do anything special with them. They restricted mobility. Salute to such soldiers.

Image Source: www.imgur.com

15) She is Now in the PINK of Her Health:

Being obese is a curse, especially if you are going through a lot of health issues because of the same. This obese woman went through a gastric bypass surgery that helped her reduce the size of her stomach. These X-rays compare her earlier condition with the present one. It is possible to see this sort of change only if you switch to a better and healthier lifestyle.

Image Source: www.pikabu.ru

14) He Hid His Phone Right… THERE:

Among the most shocking X-rays ever found, this was listed too. It was said that several criminal often hid their SIM cards as well as cell phones up in their butts or even in their intestines so that they could coordinate with their people even when they are put behind the bars. This X-ray is of a criminal in Zacatecoluca prison, San Salvador. He was a member of the most notorious street gang called Mara Salvatrucha.

Image Source: www.koolnews.gr

13) She ATE your Keys:

Imagine you search the entire house, car and neighborhood for the keys, but you end up finding them safe in her stomach! We think the owner heard some sort of a beep in the stomach of this dog that made him take her for an X-ray.

Image Source: www.imgix.net


12) Foreign Implantation in the BRAIN

Image Source: www.truth4today.net

Such research and experimentation is still done on people. In Clinical Trials that happened in Germany, nine blind volunteers had agreed to have a 3 by 3 mm device somehow planted in their brains. Since it had photodiodes that sent signals to the brain, it enabled the blind individuals to enjoy some sort of vision on different levels, even though all pixilated version of the original images.

11) How did THIS Nail go UP THERE?

Image Source: www.bugaga.ru

It is difficult to learn how the hell the nail ended in the head of this guy, but it was either an accident or some weird intent. Could it be a result of an occult practice? Well, we have no answers, but this shocking X-ray can surely give you a sleepless night. Look at the way in which the nail has passed through his mouth’s roof. That’s a mystery in itself!

10) Pierced with Pruning Shears:

Image Source: galaxant.com

Now you would know why your mother always warned you when you mishandled those sharp objects – we have no idea how this happened. However, we think he was doing something else along with pruning and thus, he ended up hurting himself with the same. Always concentrate on one thing at a time, especially when you are handling sharp instruments.

9) The Scissors in his Throat:

Image Source: www.blesk.cz

This may seem impossible, but we are sure the man was doing something really weird with the scissors or else swallowing such a big thing is not possible at all. Nevertheless, he ended up swallowing his scissors and this is what his X-ray looks like. Who is having a good night sleep tonight after looking at this picture? We doubt we are sleeping well!

8) This Kidney Stone is of SEVEN INCHES!

Image Source: www.outstandingcolleges.com

Can you imagine the pain that the patient must have gone through because of such a large kidney stone? Even though people assume the kidney must have failed due to this large sized kidney stone of the Hungarian patient, we hope he got it removed and has survived. We don’t have much information about his survival, though.

7) This Prisoner SWALLOWED a Light Bulb:

Image Source: www.outstandingcolleges.com

The doctors have no idea how this prisoner swallowed a light bulb, since it is impossible for anyone to do so. However, this X-ray does prove that he swallowed it, probably to light his “backside.”

6) Nailed SKULL:

Image Source: www.taringa.net

Selfie needs to be taken, come what may! Meet Dante Autullo from Chicago. He unknowingly shot a 3 1/4th inch nail. Want to know where? Right in his skull! When he got his X-ray done, he uploaded the picture on his Facebook. Well, it seems like he is really fond of selfies just like millions of others around the globe.


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