He Married the Wife of the Donor of his Heart and then Killed Himself in the Exact Same Way

There have been insane heart transplant stories all over the internet; we are not sure if you have read a few of them or not, but you are surely about to read the craziest heart transplant story right now. This man received a heart transplant from the donor who had committed suicide; later, he committed suicide himself, too. Sonny Graham was the fifth husband of Cheryl Sweat. He received the heart of her second husband named Terry Cottle. What makes this story complicated is that her second husband had committed suicide; her fifth husband, who received the heart of her second husband, committed suicide, too.


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When Cottle shot himself in the head, Graham was lucky enough to receive his heart in a transplant. After a few months, he crazily fell in love with Sweat and exchanged vows with her. After a few years, he was found dead in the exact same way in which Cottle had died. When reports came out, it was a clear case of suicide. Since their marriage was rocky, people began blaming the behavior of the woman for the cause of the deaths of her husband.

Some suggest that the organs have memories.What could be the connection between the suicides of the original owner of the heart and the one that had received it as a transplanted organ? Or is something wrong with the woman who forces her husbands to kill themselves due to frustration?

Sonny Graham Committed Suicide the Same Way Terry Cottle had Killed Himself

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On 1st of April 2008, Sonny Graham had killed himself. 13 years go to this day, Terry Cottle had committed suicide, too. The strange thing is that the way in which they both committed suicide was exactly the same. The 69 year old Graham shot himself in the throat by holding a shotgun in his hand.Cottle had shot himself in the head and this is perhaps the only difference in their suicides.

When Graham committed suicide, it was a major shock for his family and friends. He had left the house in the morning to drop his nine year old stepson to school. Instead of going to the school, he straight away went to the storage area on his property, took out a shotgun and shot himself to death. Before dying, he had written his will; however, there were no signs of depression that he showed.

Terry Cottle had Killed Himself after a Terrible Argument

Terry Cottle and Cheryl Sweat had a tough marriage. During March, 1995, the couple had a terrible argument over money. Sweat took off the wedding ring and threw it away. Cottle was told to leave. However, instead of leaving the house, he went into the bathroom, held a gun to his head and shot himself to death. All Sweat remembers is that Cottle said, “Baby, help me, help me. I’m dying.”

Terry Cottle had Survived the Gunshot Wound for Four Complete Days

When Terry Cottle was taken to the hospital, he survived the wound for four days. He was placed on life support. However, after four days, Sweat agreed to take him off the life support so that his organs could be donated to the needy ones.

Sonny Graham Received the Heart he Needed

In the year 1994, Sonny Graham suffered from a virus, which had attacked his heart. He then went on a transplant list and after a year, received Cottle’s heart after his death. Since the heart was a match, the operation succeeded and Graham was breathing through Cottle’s heart.

When Graham contacted the organ donor agency to thank the family of the donor, he developed a relationship with Sweat.

Sonny Graham had New Tastes after the Operation

Terry Cottle was a great fan of beer and hot dogs. After the transplant, Graham had become fond of the same, too. This shows Graham was falling for all the things that Cottle had a thing for, including his widow.

Terry Cottle and Cheryl Sweat had a Terrible Marriage

It was very difficult for Cottle and Sweat to settle the differences with one another and stay true to their marriage. In the late 80s, they both were married to different people. Cottle was an employee of Sweat’s father and even though he was married with two children, he fell in love with Sweat. When the two of them were single again, they married.

For nine years, they were married to each other. Later, their divorces were finalized. Even though everything seemed fine and Cottle had adopted Sweat’s childrenand they had a child of their own too, their financial condition was really bad. Thus, they often fought with each other. When Sweat’s mother came into the picture, their marriage was struggling more.

Cottle had Threatened to Commit Suicide Earlier

Even though Cottle landed up on several jobs, the couple argued all the time. In the year 1995, he called his ex-wife with a gun pointed to his head.

Cheryl Sweat was Married Twice Before she Settled with Graham

When Cottle died, Sweat married for the third time in the year 1998. Graham disliked being a part of the wedding, but he did attend it with his wife, Elaine. In fact, at the wedding, he had taken the place of her late father, which was quite odd to understand.

Despite the wedding, Graham and Sweat carried on an affair. Her marriage to Watkins was annulled. After that, he married another man called John Johnson JR., but their relationship ended in the year 2003. According to the reports, Sweat had faced domestic violence. She also said that Johnson had tried to kill himself with his gun. In the year 2004, Sweat and Graham finally got married.

Graham Faced Financial Issues

Just like she had harassed Terry Cotte, Sweat began harassing her new husband Graham too. Since he didn’t earn well either, she began complaining about their financial condition. Sweat pressurized him to give her a luxurious life, due to which he was under a lot of debt. After his death, a friend recalled Sweat saying that he didn’t leave her a dime.

Cheryl Sweat was Never a Grieving Widow

Even though Graham’s death shocked everybody else, Sweat didn’t look moved by it. There was not much of grief seen on her face. In fact, on her MySpace, she had uploaded pictures drinking beer with her friends. She had also posted a picture of a man she called her “new boyfriend.” It was noticed that Sweat had sent a flirtatious message to this man just a week before Graham committed suicide.

According to her ex-husbands, Sweat always threatened them with violence as well as guns. They said being with her was much more like an emotional roller coaster ride.

John Johnson JR., one of Sweat’s ex-husbands, stated that one day she hated him, the other day she loved him and the next day she hated him once again. He said he was lucky to be alive.

Cellular Memory: What you Need to Know

A lot of people state that the weird case of Cottle and Graham may have been because of the cellular memory. According to this theory, a person can change after an organ transplant. He picks up the characteristics of the donor. This usually happens with heart transplants.

Maybe Cottle not only donated his heart to Graham, but his ill-destiny as well. There are times when you don’t know what you are asking for, along with a random wish you make. When Graham wished for a heart donor, he must have not even thought of getting his destiny along. Having the same cravings like the donor, marrying his wife and then killing himself were surely not the things he had planned for himself.

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