10 World Record Attempts that Turned Deadly

How dedicated are you towards your goals? What is it that you wish to achieve? How deep can you go to get what you want to in your life?


You may have heard a lot of stories of all those daredevils who have achieved a lot of name and fame in their lives by setting records or even breaking their very own records and setting new ones, but have you ever heard of those who lost their lives trying to set new records or breaking their previous ones? Some of the dangerous acts have been performed in the past, but what you don’t know is that these acts have eaten the lives of several individuals who were attempted to achieve their dreams.

After going through the below mentioned list, you may think that these people were fools or crazy. Nevertheless, let us not forget that they didn’t care about their life while attempting these crazy adventures to set new records and thus, it is very important for us to respect each one of them. It is because of such daredevil individuals that we have at least one percent of adventure within us. If you can’t talk good about them, make sure you don’t talk ill either.

People – here is the list of people who lost their life attempting to set a brand new world record:

1) His Last Stunt – Javad Palizbanian

He was known for his daredevil stunts; he was popular for the things he did; the others could barely imagine being in his shoes. However, this 44 year old Iranian man did everything that you can only imagine in your mind. He held a record by EvelKnievel as he had jumped over 14 buses in 1975 for a distance of 133 feet on his motorcycle. However, while attempting to jump over 22 buses, he died on 28th of August 2005 in front of all those who watched him LIVE from Azadi Sports Stadium, Tehran.

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2) Death by Tangled Hair – Sailendra Nath Roy

He was an Indian stuntman who already had two Guinness World Records for his incredible attempts with his pony tail. He had pulled a locomotive for 2.5m with his ponytail; he had also rode a zip line of 82.5m using his hair and thus, was known for setting two different records. Sadly, on 28th of April 2013, as he tried to break his zip line record by being on 180m line, his hair tangled in the cables. When he was pulled down from the rope, he was suffering from a heart attack. He lost his life way before he was taken to the hospital.

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3) She Flew to Heaven – Jessica Dubroff

This little angel was known for her big ambitions. She wanted to be the youngest pilot, but she died in her attempt to set the record. Since she was too young to get the license to fly the plane, she flew with her father and a rated pilot. The trio wanted to take off from Half Moon Bay, California and reach Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The weather warned them, but they continued. Just when they took off, the plan flipped. They landed on a residential street and died on the spot.

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