10 World Record Attempts that Turned Deadly

7) His Wife and Son Survived, but He didn’t – Juan Francisco Guillermo

He decided to bike for five years across five continents. When he was biking in NakhonRatchasima province, he was hit by a truck. His wife and two-year-old son survived, but he didn’t.

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8) He Set a Record before Dying – Nicholas Mevoli

At 32, he aimed to dive for 72 meters. After achieving his target when he came on the surface, he signaled his team stating all was fine. Soon, he lost consciousness due to the pressure on his lungs. He puked blood and died in a few minutes.

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9) Was this Really Needed? – United Way 

Volunteers worked hard to fill 1.5 million helium balloons to release them in 1986 to set a record. However, the winds had some other plans. The balloons drifted back over the city, Lake Erie, and land in the surrounding area, and caused problems for traffic and a nearby airport. The event also interfered with a United States Coast Guard search for two boaters who were later found drowned.[1]

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10) First, he Lost Consciousness; then, He Lost his LIFE – Lowell Bayles

He was all prepared to set the record by going 300 MPH in his pane. However, after achieving that, he was hit by the plane’s fuel cap. He fell unconscious. His plane fell from 246 feet and crashed like a ball of flame.

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We often light a candle in the memory of those we love; can we light a candle or have a moment of silence for these people too? Look at the bravery of these people – they believed they could do it and some of them even made it; however, they just couldn’t fool the Grim Reaper and thus, since their time had come, they had to travel to the other side. If we could, we would give a standing ovation to their courage.

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