10 World Record Attempts that Turned Deadly

4) They Died Raising Charity – Haris Suleman

Babar and HarisSuleman, the father-son duo, decided to break the record for flying across the globe in just a single engine plane. They wanted to raise money for the homeless children in Pakistan so that they could go to school.After taking off from Pago Pago International Airport, American Samoa, the son crashed the plane into the Pacific Ocean. While his body was recovered, the team could never find the father.

Image via NBC news

5) She Landed to Die – Diana Paris

This 46 year old German skydiver was known for more than 1,500 jumps. She was one of the 222 skydivers who gathered in Eloy, Arizona, to attempt to set a world record. Since Diana’s parachute malfunctioned, and opened after she surpassed the minimum altitude needed to slow the fall, she died. The 221 other divers then paid their tribute to Diana by repeating the stunt, leaving an open space in the formation where she was supposed to be.

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Image via YouTube

6) He Lost Control… and His Life – Bill Warner 

While aiming for the speed of 300 MPH, he lost his life after hitting 285 MPH. Even though he was alive when he was taken to the hospital, he died after an hour. He lost control of his bike and… his life too.

Image via YouTube

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